Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas too all!!! Hope you enjoyed my Christmas video at the German Christmas Market

If you have not, check it out here: Christmas Market

The white christmas did not happen – at all. It was snowing for the past week, it stopped and never returned. THAT however did not stop me from celebrating Christmas.

I actually do not celebrate Christmas. But who doesn’t like a reason to celebrate, right? This year, I insisted on a Christmas tree. A real Christmas tree, of course. This time, the fir smell was not as strong as last year. However it is still pretty! The tree which I bought is of the “Nordmanntanne” breed. According to the salesman, the trees have already been chopped down since October and “Nordmanntanne” is said to be the most lasting tree among all fir trees. So here is my tree and the same decos from last year. (MUST BUY NEW NEXT YEAR..BWAHAHA)

In Germany, Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve (the correct way). So I cooked some nice “Apple stuffed pork loin” served with some spicy potato salad.

Dessert was very very simple as I was already to tired. I threw some banana into the oven for 15 minutes and scooped some ice cream onto the place. Viola, dessert is ready!!

Besides that, I made some taiwanese taro pastries too. These were not not perfect, yet. I shall try to master this! *challenge accepted*

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seem them. This Christmas, I did not take any photos of myself. Well, I had my Christmas dinner in my pajamas. Nothing much to expect. Haha.

Christmas was celebrated quietly this year, just as it should be. Hope your Christmas was celebrated just the way you like it.