My Fiancé Made Me Drunk to Have Me Agree to His Proposal

My Fiancé Made Me Drunk to Have Me Agree to His Proposal

When I announced that I’m engaged, naturally the first question was “How did he propose?” and followed by, “Did you cry?”.

Well, here’s the story.

We were in the Tuscan Valleys for our holiday and had a beautiful stay in Villa Talente which I blogged about here. The valley is gorgeous! With a rented car, we went around visiting different little towns nearby where we stayed. The problem with such towns or villages (the right word) is that they are pretty secluded and small. No doubt, villages as such are charming.

On the 24th May 2013, we stopped by a few towns and even visited an Italian vineyard. The signs on the lawn welcome visitors to try their wines and maybe purchase them too. If you like to watch the video, it’s here.

Anyway, as the sun set, JP and I decided to drive to the nearby village to grab a pizza and to enjoy it at the backyard of the hotel which is more like a villa! As we placed the pizza on the beautiful garden table, the sky began to turn dark and the wind was blowing like crazy. Our pizza was almost blown off!

We quickly took our pizza into the dining hall of the villa, which is also a wine cellar in a little “tunnel”! The friendly owners recommended us the white wine which was produced by the neighbouring village. So, we munched on our pizza while enjoying the wine from the Tuscan Valley as rain began to pour. It’s ok, we were safe in this wine cellar! Now you think, perfect place for JP to propose! Nooooo….

After a few minutes, the owner of the villa came by to treat us two shots of peanut liquor (or was it nut liquor). Amazing! The only thing is that I am an Asian who is just like most Asian, I cannot drink too much alchohol. Let’s just say my face gets red quickly and I giggle a lot. A lot.

Remember, we had a bottle of white wine to finish and another shot! I was giggling or laughing a lot! We finished the pizza and called it a night.

I went back to the room and to my horror, my whole face was RED, like a drunkard! *yikes* I held my hands on my cheeks to giggle more “Oh nooo. I’m so red”.

And that was when, JP decided to pop the question. Perfect!

I remembered, he asked me in German. And my reaction? I laughed of course! What do you expect after so much alcohol?! I giggled more to ask “Why now? Is this your trick to get a ‘yes’ by getting me tipsy?

He said, “No…” – apologetically

What if I regret tomorrow?” I was still giggling, seriously.

Well, you can answer me tomorrow”, JP replied.

I remembered he look worried that moment. Of course I said ‘yes’ and did not regret my decision the next day.


However, until today I still ask him, “Why then? Why there?”

“Why not here?”


Or even here??


JP said, he was looking for the perfect Tuscan Valley picture – the little house with the giant hay rolls under the perfect shade of sky. A ha……