My Interview with David Choi in Frankfurt, Germany

My Interview with David Choi in Frankfurt, Germany

After the deactivation of my Facebook account, I have been quite a YouTube geek. It can be so addictive because there is just so much to watch and the next thing I knew, I was watching a video of David Choi who announced that he will be coming to Germany. You know what’s the best thing? He will be having a show in Frankfurt. But that was not all, the location was 10 minutes away from my home! *SCREAMS* 

David Choi’s music has always been my kind of music. It’s easy listening and simply nice to listen at anytime of the day!

On the 14th of April, the day finally came. It was a beautiful sunny day after many long, cold and gloomy months in Frankfurt. I was also nervous at the same time because I will be meeting David Choi live for the first time and……..I will be interviewing him!

I just kept telling myself “Grace, don’t screw this up!!”. Boy, it was scary! I wasn’t the only one who could sit in ease the whole day (before the show) but JP who was the videographer felt the same too. We could have shat in the pants…..seriously!

The concert

It.was.amazing! David was a true entertainer. His music was great (duh!) and he interacted with the crowd very well. I personally enjoyed the show a LOT! It was nice that the show felt very personal as he took the initiative to ask questions and give the crowd little stuff like orange with signature or (melted) chocolate. Haha!

David Choi, himself

Despite being funny, throughout whole show, I still noticed that David can be quite a quiet person (which he later confirms). He spoke a little of his life to his audience and one thing you should know if David (or any singer) performs in your country, don’t offer him/her carbonated water because it makes one burp! I will never listen to Rollercoaster the same way, again….. Haha!


After the show

David arranged for a meet and greet session for all fans. So I waited until everyone left and walked up to introduce myself. I was just glad that he remembered me as we only corresponded through email previously. Since he knew that I was from Malaysia, one of the first things he told me was, “I miss Malaysian food”. Malaysia, we did well. Our food rocks and David loves it!! ;)

IMG_0504To complete this post, here is the video of the show and the interview of David Choi with me, after his first show in Frankfurt, Germany.