Name Cards Arrived

Name Cards Arrived

I am sure you’ve seen some videos on my YouTube channel and it is really fun to do. I have to be honest that sometimes it does get a little stressful because I have a 5 days (or more) per week job. That drains me up. However, the comments from many makes me happy! It gives me all the motivation in the world to think of more videos to record.

Whenever I record a video, there is bound to be somebody asking me if I am doing a report for a particular company. So, we always go…. “It’s for the internet”. Realising that some people might not be too comfortable with the idea, I thought having a name card would be a great way to introduce myself.

JP started the draft design but I wasn’t too happy with it. Then, my very good friend Ling illustrated and created the vector templates in Adobe Illustrator for me to upload on Overnightprints. She changed the design and I was totally happy! “Muah muah, Ling!!” I ordered 100 cards on 350g carton. They arrived today and I am very delighted with the print quality and feel of the name cards. It was also Ling who introduced me to Overnightprints.

Btw, Ling is a very talented girl. We met when we were both learning German at Goethe Institute and have kept in touch since then. Somehow, the both of us ended up in Germany the same time. She married a German while I married my German..job! Haha! Besides being a great cook, she is a talented photographer. Check out her website which she just started, Spunkhaus. I bet you will melt looking at the photos she made. Give her some love okay!

I am now totally contented! We tried a to print of 10 cards from Moo previously but the prints were not too sharp. Perhaps it was because we did not provide them the vector graphics (just 300 dpi PNG’s). The quality was good too but I must say, Overnightprints did quite a good job! The feel is on par with Moo cards.

For my next travels, I will be able to introduce myself properly and not just tell others that “it’s just for the internet”!