NET. Media Shamelessly Steals Content from YouTubers

As written on my Nyonya Cooking page earlier:

THIEF ALERT, PLEASE SHARE: My dearest Nyonya Cooking family, thank you for all the support that you have given to us. Many times, we felt like we would like to sit back and enjoy our evening/weekend, we pushed ourselves to create content because you gave us all the motivation! We are blessed to see how we’ve grown.

Creating content is not easy, it takes time and effort. That is why we are utterly disgusted by NET. Media @netmediatamaindonesia because they stole our videos and made it theirs!! The videos are uploaded on YouTube and broadcasted on their Video On Demand service. From their website, NET. Media seems reputable and knowing that this company is apart of a “leading energy company” Indika Energy, we would expect that they have some form of common sense to not steal content and understand what “copyright material” means. They basically snipped the video accordingly, did some voice over and have two good looking hosts to explain a little about the video and rebranded it as THEIR VIDEO! There was no mention of “Nyonya Cooking” AT ALL, but just a little logo merely stating that the videos are “courtesy of You Tube”.

We are sort of in the same line of work despite Nyonya Cooking to be a home based project. They should be educated enough to understand the basics of using content that belongs to others and that it is VERY WRONG to steal. We have not received a single word asking for permission. In fact, they should know all these better than us! It is obvious that YouTube DOES NOT create these videos. And if they are so tactless and unable to refrain from blatantly copying others’ work, at least have the courtesy to credit the original content creators. These are basic work and moral ethics!

We are not alone. Many of our other favourite Youtubers are affected as well. Over 200 stolen recipe-related videos have been uploaded. This dishonest act by NET. Media is unacceptable. We have filed a copyright complaint against the channel. Unfortunately, that is the only thing we can do for now. Not being credited is NOT the issue here but the LACK of international criminal prosecution for copyright infringements is making us feel helpless.

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Link to stolen-recipe videos (if it is still available by then)

We have submitted a copyright complaint to YouTube and have been actively looking at other options. Meanwhile, help us to share this POST on Facebook! Click here to view the post and a sample of video which they have creatively stolen.