Nice & Antibes

Nice & Antibes

This is officially my first holiday ever since I came to Europe.

So “Why Nice?”

Because it’s nice! Okay, lame joke. I just wanted to show you my face. Just read on…

I started the day early with an American breakfast set. Oh yea, why not French breakfast? Because there it was not offered. The other breakfast set had lots of breads, which is not really my choice.

This plate costs me 12€! Maybe Nice is known as a very touristy place, everything seems to be so much more expensive.

After breakfast, I took a stroll around the city for a few hours.

Oh that’s me, smiling because I just saw a dog poop. Hm…just my observation, the dogs in France are not that well behaved. They are very curious and try to run around when possible. Very unlike the dogs in Germany which are much more composed. I mean, I once saw dogs in a German bookshop! Not like I am very fond of French dogs due to our previous history in Paris whereby I stepped on their little treasure. Hmph!

Enough of dog’s poop. After walking about 5 minutes, some guy came behind me and snatched my bag. I was totally shocked. Without thinking, I chased him and shouted for him to stop! Here’s a photo of the remarkable event.

Yep…seriously! Nobody was hurt, thank God!

Heh! He was actually a street artist. The story above is fake. :P

Street artists are usually people who paint themselves to look like a statue which resembles Statue of Liberty, Superman, etc. This is really one of a kind. A man who looks like he is running against the wind. I spontaneously went behind him and posed like I was chasing him. Those around me started laughing but what the heck, they don’t know me. I, had a cool photo instead. *wink*

The beach around Nice was really beautiful. Water there was also very clear. I think its due to the pebbles on the beach instead of sand.

The next stop was Atibes whichis a 30 minutes drive from Nice.  Antibes is another beautiful city with lesser people and the old town has lots of pretty and quaint French streets. There is also a special soap shop (Le Comptoir des Savonniers) there. The owner told that the soaps are specially made and contains all sort of natural goodness.

I bought 2 bars of soaps myself which is the size of the dark brown soap (right) in the above photo. It smells

Antibes also has a port with lots of private yatches.

And if I have not mentioned, French pastries are the best!

Agree with me! NOW!

I know you agreed. Since you are so nice and agreed with me, here’s something if you wanted to see more of me.

A video.

I know, I sound weird and shy but dear friends, just in case you miss me..there, you saw me!