Commonly known as St. Nic’s Day in Canada & America, we celebrated Nikolaustag on the 6th of December. On the 5th of December, kids will leave their boots out at the door and St Nicholas will come by during the night to leave chocolates, sweets and gifts in their boots. St. Nicholas will also check if the kids were well behaved during the year and if they were naughty, they would instead get a tree branch in their boots.

So, it’s more or less about Nikolaustag (Nicholas Day). On that very day, I was not expecting anything. Neither was I told about Nikolaustag. I got up and I saw a huge sock hanging outside the door. Looks like St. Nicholas knew that I am new in Germany and decided to leave me some goodies even though I did not leave any shoes/ boots out! Hehehe..

It was a hugeee sock and guess what is inside? Chocolates – duh!, Latte Macchiato spoons (been wanting these) and he left me a note as well!

Just to get an impression, St. Nicholas looks like this….

Something like Santa Claus but not really like him. St. Nicholas is often dressed very similar to a bishop. Btw, this St. Nicholas is made of chocolate :D