Of settling down

It is actually harder than I thought. I am not that contented with the current situation but wherever I may be, I cannot expect everything to be beautiful with unicorns, rainbows and cotton candies. Because, adulthood sucks. Corporate world sucks. The cultural differences make it tougher.

Guess what’s weirder? I started reading, seriously. I kept reading – book after book. I could just be in the story and no longer need to think about the current state of life at the moment. It’s not that bad actually. It’s just the sudden changes are beginning to hit me hard in the face. Little things which I began to notice. I have totally no interest in what I do at the moment.


Come to think of it, this has been my dream! I wanted this so damn badly. And it is also something that I’ve once asked myself, what next after this? What’s next?