OOTD: German Reunification Day

OOTD: German Reunification Day

Hello Beautiful People!

I was dreading my as* back to work on Monday and the best news I heard was, Wednesday is the German Reunification Day. That means, it is HOLIDAY!!! *throws confetti* 

This day is a very historic day to Germany because it marks the day when the eastern part of Germany joined the Western side, or the “real” Germany (back then). The fall of the Berlin wall which was in 1989 triggered this event. Family and friends from the east and west of Germany can finally reunite. For Malaysians, it was like when Sabah and Sarawak joined Peninsular Malaysia. This is German’s version of Hari Malaysia.

23 years later, Grace got a day off from work! *tears of joy*

It is just so hard to get back into rhythm after a holiday. Anyway, the week went on slow and long.

So, I was in no mood to cook on that day and I decide to have bruncher (breakfast, lunch and dinner, is there even such a thing?!!) at a nearby restaurant.

My knitted cardigan protected me from the chilly weather. Ah, it is autumn again. Hello Autumn….

Blouse: MNG
Jeans: MNG
Long Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Primavera (from Malaysia)
Bag: Online from JuzTrove