Procrastination at its best

I just don’t want to do my work. How nao brown cow?? SIGH!

Anyway, Autumn is finally here. Days start slow and its pitch black as the day ends….at 5pm. Feels like 11pm to me. I feel so disorientated due to the dark sky. Just not used to the whole thing because my mind thinks that its extremely late and yet I am still out. So wrong!!

I took this photo when it was only 6.30pm.

Not that I have never experienced this whole “shorter days, longer nights” thing but working during such days can be quite……I can’t seem to explain. It’s just plain weird. Enough of the weirdness.

Autumn has been quite nice actually. Its currently not THAT cold and has been quite sunny this week, especially in Munich. Lovely days that end early though. Here is another photo I took as I looked out of the window.

It’s a very beautiful (vague) view of the Alps. On the other side of the Alps would be Austria. How breathtaking right?? :)

As I left Munich today, let me present you a fantastic unedited photo of a random tree.

Ain’t that just pweetyyy?? It’s nice to see how the tree leaves turn yellowish instead of the normal green. Just so beautiful.

Random picture of me since friends have been asking me to put up some here.

This is a yellow lift.

I feel so random, disorientated and….ok, yes I know I am procrastinating!!! I told ya so!