Random experiences

Since I have just much to say about my experiences so far but still lazy, here’s the summary…..

1. I don’t get it, why chinese restaurants in Germany use the damn bamboo in their cooking. In every dish, you can find the damn bamboo which stinks so badly. Some asian stores (to get asian dry groceries) even have a whole section for various bamboos used for cooking. It stinks!!! Just so rare to find a restaurant which do not use bamboo in their cooking! It doesn’t make it taste better, seriously. In fact, it smells like overnight urine!

2. Most old German men have something for Asian girls. Two experiences so far. Once in the train, when an old man kept grinning at me. It was so disturbing that I had to tell him off and he had the guts to tell me that he just had to look a beautiful girl. Well, I accept the compliment (haha!!) but the stares were freaky okayyyyy….

Another old man came up to me telling about some stories of the clock tower as I was walking pass it. Then he had to ask if I am for a holiday or if I am alone. I immediately said I am with my husband here and he went, ‘Schade!!‘ which means, ‘What a pity!’. If he is hot, it’s ok….but he is old enough to be my grandfather.

Perhaps I should not blame him because there are many young asian ladies with their long lost Caucasian grandfather. Hmpf!

3. It’s just so often that I get greeted with ‘Ni hao!’ Damn you! I know I am chinese but please, not all chinese are fluent in Mandarin. I know I am just being argumentative but I just do not like it.

4. And btw, chinese are not ‘interesting’ or unique. I saw some young german peeps approaching a chinese youngster to take a photo. HALLOOO, the chinese people are not ‘Sehenwürdigkeiten‘ (tourist attractions) ok!

5.  I get this question so many times when the locals knew where I came from.

I have always wanted to go to Malaysia? Isn’t it beautiful?

I will be traveling to Thailand, should I make a trip to Malaysia?

Would it be worth to travel to Malaysia?

Malaysia is such a beautiful country….. (ok, this is a statement)

Guess what I would say….

Hermmm…….(long pause)………yeaaaaa…..

Well, (long pause)…………………………. (and someone else will say something but I still fail to say something)

Oh…….(long pause)……..if you like the sun….and the food? Maybe it’s worth it……………….

I am still adapting certain things here….so far, it’s interesting.