Retail Therapy

I have not felt this good since months! Ever since I started working, I became rather stingy with my money. It was only then I understood – It was sure easier to get money from parents. Looking back at the days when I was still studying, I would spend most of my pocket money on handphone credits, cosmetics and clothes. I bought so many lipsticks like as if I have 20 lips. My eyeshadows were of all colours too. Now, that my cosmetics are mostly expiring, I’m pretty reluctant to use most of it. Worse still, I’m beginning to have this patch on my left cheek which is sometimes itchy and dry.

I’m sure the post above is more of a self convincing post since I spent a little on cosmetics today. Not much, just RM60+ for 24 sheets of masks, a mascara and a lip/cheek tint.


A little guilt for some pleasure isn’t too bad. Etude was having a great year end sale and I just couldn’t resist. As said, my cosmetics are rotting! The hairbands from Forever 21 were also on sale. Let’s just say I paid RM6.50 for one. Cheers to that!

JP and I had a wonderful dinner tonight at our favourite japanese chain, Sushi Zanmai.


The day was short but it made me a happy girl.