Rüdesheim, the wine town

Rüdesheim, the wine town

A visit to the vineyard during a beautiful day in summer? I am all up for it!

I have heard so much about Rüdesheim and it was just the time to go there. Even documented my trip in a video for all. Hope you love it :)

I was in Rüdesheim, a beautiful town which is know for its vineyard and what else? Wine of course!

JP and I bought the Weekend train card (Schönes Wochenende Ticket) which allowed us to train anywhere within Germany for the whole day. This ticket only costs us 40€ and is much cheaper than the normal priced ticket.

Anyway, my first impression of Rüdesheim was that it was very pretty as it is situated right beside the Rhine River, it felt very romantic. I took a walk in the old town and then took the cable car ride to the Niederwald Memorial. It was indeed an amazing day!

The Niederwald statue

I also discovered my favourite drink, Federweißer! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this amazing drink??? It is only available during early September to late October, usually at wine making regions. Federweißer is basically fermented freshly pressed grape juice which is sweet. The sweetness however lessens as days passes by due to the fermentation process. I finished my bottle in 6 days and I must say, the taste wasn’t as good as the first few days.

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