Scoring the Examinations

I picked up a copy of Malay Mail today and there photos of students laughing on the front page. Those were faces of happy kids who scores straight As in their PMR, a national examination taken by 15 year olds. I felt old when I read that, reminiscing the days when I went to school to take my result.

What caught my attention was the news in the second or third page which read “No TV for a year to bag 7As”.

PETALING JAYA: For one solid year, Keshen Ramanathan’s mother made sure he had no access to television.

He woke up at 4am daily to revise his lessons and went to bed late to prepare for the PMR examination.

“I sacrificed TV and playtime for a whole year. I remember waking up early and going to sleep late just because I had to study for the exams. Read more

For the whole year, he wakes up at 4am and sleeps late without any TV or any form of entertainment!!!!

Seriously??!! Is that needed? After going through several examinations myself, I don’t think that is needed. He is a teenager and needs to enjoy life appropriately. There is more to life, not only studying.

Also mentioned in the news that his wish is to be a doctor. I wonder if he will ever get his sleep when he studies to be a doctor. Maybe 365 days without any sleep.

Anyway, congratulations to him and the others who did well too.