Sniffles and coughs

I am still sick! Gosh! I am sick of feeling sick. All I do is sleep, sleep, sleep! I swear I could be hibernating if I am not awake for dinner and shower. :(

I was almost fine last Sunday and decided to return to work on Monday. Upon arriving work, a colleague who just returned from his sick leave heard me coughing and asked if I am still sick. From the look of it, he wasn’t too happy that I was there since he was afraid that he might be infected with the germs again.

Anyway, I sat through work till 5pm and was coughing badly by that time. I was “chased” away and was told to not return work until I am well. LOL!! My thick disgusting greenish phlegm returned and I decided to do a search on the net again for a doctor. Lo and behold, a doctor 3 minutes away from home!!! I made a call and practically “floated” my way there.

So, my first visit to a doctor in Germany and I was thinking, “To speak sucky German or act dumb and speak English???!!” Oh well, I blurted out German words at the reception….somehow survived it! Yays to that. Managed to explain my condition to the doctor in German too! Double yay to that!

The doctor was very careful when prescribing medication and he actually refused to give me any antibiotics. Of course it is a good thing because the body should be able to get well by itself, blablabla. Unfortunately, I think I am used to antibiotics. Back home, doctor would be giving me two days of work with medication for flu, phlegm, cough and the miracle medication – antibiotic. Two days, and I’ll be working again. Anyway, the doctor said he would wait for a few more days before he prescribing antibiotics. He gave me four days off work and told me to get my medicine at the nearest pharmacy. So, I had to walk for another 3 minutes to get the pills – for flu and cough.

Now, I am still having flu and mild cough. No more disgusting green phlegm but still lots of mucus :( Work is waiting, Monday is coming….oh dear, I need to get well ASAP!!!