Snow and I

Snow and I have known each other longgg time ago. It was my first time in Vienna, Austria when I saw snow. If you have known me long enough, you would know that I have been to Austria for many times. My family and I repeated our trip every year during winter to see snow. There were many disappointments of course…especially when we waited for 12 days and on the 13th day, just as we board the plane…that’s when snowflakes will fall. The disappointment…ugh!

Anyway, I was anticipating snow this year – as always. When I just came here, I hated the sight of the sun and the heat. I told every one how much I love winter. All I was told back then was, “We’ll see what you have got to say after winter”.

At the beginning of winter, I was hoping so badly that it would snow. I envied my friends who were in southern Germany when they showed me photos of snow on their side. It was just cold and windy in Frankfurt. And oh, the wind here is just so crazy. It hits os hard and knocks on the window/ glassdoor! I thought the world was going to end. I guess it’s just how the westerners experience our rain in Malaysia, like the sky is falling.

A week before Christmas, I was sent to Munich for work. Oh yea…southern Germany and snow. How excited I was….until my train to Munich was delayed due to the snow. It was still okay. Deutsche Bahn (German railway) has occasional delays.  The next day I traveled 20 minutes to my destination and poof, I was in a little village with THICK snow. It was so slippery. The image of snow, snowman, snow angel, etc is all fake….well, only if you don’t have to earn a living and have time for that…then, snow is lots of fun *being very bitter*

My nightmare was when I had to walk out to the thick snow with my bag pack (with the heavy IBM thinkpad), handbag and very slippery shoes. I wished to wear some kind of rubber shoes but I am left with no choice because I have to wear formal wear (think man in black). It totally sucks. After the train ride, I had to wait for the bus. Sometimes it’s a two minutes wait, sometimes a 15 minutes wait. The pain…….ugh. My worst day was the evening when I missed the last bus at 6.45pm. I waited with full of hopes that there will be still bus in the cold (very cold), dark while it snowed heavily. Thankfully, I have lovely friends there. She and her husband picked me up instead. I felt so blessed!!

Seriously, from then on I never liked snow anymore. Not at all. I hate walking out in the cold because it’s so damn windy. The wind hits my face and I feel like my facial muscle and wrinkles are frozen. When I smile, my teeth gets cold too. My eyes and nose gets watery and I thought, would the water in my eyes get frozen?? Will I be blind??? I am such an exaggerator, kan?

Watching the snow/ snowflakes in a warm room with a hot cup of nescafe or tea is certainly nice. To be out there?? You wouldn’t want to know how much I’ve sinned because I cannot stop cursing. Tsk tsk.

I recorded a video as I waited for the bus. Also another clip from office. It’s really pretty as I see it now.

I made the very retarded looking snowman too. Tee-hee. The eyes and nose were made of the plastic rings on water bottles. Creative, ain’t I??