So, this is my story

I am supposed to blog the continuation of Grasse but I am just unfortunately too lazy. Boo-hoo.

Bad bad Grace.

So, just to give you (if there are any of you) some updates besides showing my holiday photos…

Life has been alright. Hectic but alright. Seriously, those who work, what is new besides sleep – work – eat – sleep (continues in an infinite loop)

But I have been thinking (in between the I-want-to-throw-my-laptop-away moments), if i have a plant which gives me 1000 per month, I would quit. Speaking of which, I DO have a chili plant which needs my attention….

*just imagine I went to water my chili plant*

…and it is almost dried! All because I forgot to water it. My poor plant!

So back to my thought, if I have 1000 on a monthly basis, I would call it quits. Of course we are talking Euros lah, who’s talking RM :P

After so much time spent at work, we only spend young days in the office. When we have enough money, we wouldn’t have the time. Who knows, we might die one day in office. True or not?

Ok, ok. Grace is jut exaggerating. I think it’s just one of those days, you know, working late, mood swings, boring dinner…etc etc.

Besides the dull life, the weather has been extremely hot. I think I am going to be such a pain in the neck when I am back in KL. It’s just so warm and I forgot how the heat is like back home. I guess I will be complaining the whole time.

Anyway, just being random, very random. Good night.