St Tropez

The next stop was St. Tropez. I didn’t know much about it (jakun….) but it was somewhat like Baywatch. It seems, there was even series which was recorded there:

JP was all excited because he said, there will be lots of hot girls too. Unfortunately, it was pretty windy/ chilly when we were there. So I kept asking ” Where are the chicks? Where are the hot guys? I need help in swimming”

But there were none. Yilek! :((((((((((((((((

Lots of rich people dressed in white (all white) enjoying their wine and seafood or more rich people in their yatches. Rich but not hot -_-

The landscape was however, very beautiful. Just for your info, this is what I took off Wikipedia about St. Tropez:

It is located on the French Riviera, and it is known today for its famous and extremely wealthy summertime guests. It has been dubbed the ‘playground to jetsetters, fashion models, and millionaires’, and it is most-enduringly known as the place where the iconic Brigitte Bardot was “discovered” and for its role in the liberation of southern France during World War II.

The photos below were taken at the quieter part of the town:

I then hiked up the hill to have a better view. I know I have been OHH-AHHing the few post before but it is really really worth OHH-AHHing! To me at least! Being someone who was rarely at a beach, this was perfect for me. The weather too….okay, could have been warmer but I was still very pleased!

Pretty right? Like a photo out of the postcard! It was really very very beautiful. I remembered, the sea was so blue and wide and it was a very windy day. There were also many quaint shops around. Actually, I opened a shop there too! *winks*

Haha! The town of St. Tropez is not that huge. This is maybe 30% of the town, perhaps you get the idea.

JP and I wanted to have a meal in St. Tropez before we left. So we asked the ice cream man and he pointed us the so-called best restaurant in town. It looked so posh and everything was white in there. I told JP “Let’s walk pass by again and we’ll have a peek at the menu. Then, we’ll decide if we are going to dine there.”

Well, we left with only the ice cream from St. Tropez to remember. ‘Nuff said. The food there was crazy expensive. *pouts*

Before leaving St. Tropez for good, JP wanted to make a drive to Plage de Pampelonne. The place where all the buzz is and supposingly, it is where the hot chicks party! And so……taa-daaaa…………Plage de Pampelonne and the …hm…no sign of life!