The Dress

Have you ever wanted something so badly? Like sooo badly?

Well, there was once, I wanted to buy a new dress. Nothing really fitted until someone suggested that I should take a look at this dress. It was a dream! The dress was amazing and I knew I had to get that dress. Because that dress will make me look so good at all events I attend. So, I saved well and finally bought the dress. Boy, nothing could express my happiness at that point of time. I was literally screaming for joy!

I wore this dress with much pride. Of course, it looked great on me. People who knew the material of the dress would also praise the little details, such as the patterns, buttons and even the sewing itself. The dress was really beautiful. However, I knew myself that one day, I will find a better dress and leave this behind. You get bored after wearing the same thing several times, no? :)

But anyway, I went on wearing this dress for several events of all kind of occasions. Happy, sad, anger….all kinds. My dress and I saw it all. We went through it all. There were also moments when I felt, I just want to be in my jeans and t-shirt. I hate this dress. However, I kept telling myself, this is the dress which I have to stick to until I have enough of money for another dress. I told myself, “Fine! I will wear this for a few more times. I can’t wait till I have enough to buy a new dress!!!”

At the same time, I had my eyes on another beautiful dress. Well, it was a dress I admired from the very beginning but I did not have enough money. So I had to settle for what I can afford. But don’t get me wrong, what I had first is still beautiful.

It was constantly at the back of my mind, “I need to get that beautiful but expensive dress. By hook or by crook! No regrets! I hate this dress! I hate this dress!!”

I hated how the thread would sometimes irritate my skin or how it gave me so much stress when I couldn’t button it up!!

I just hated the dress so much.

When I finally had enough money to buy this beautiful and expensive dress, I did not think much about the older dress. But I didn’t feel that happy. Why? Because I now, have to spend on other accessories to fit my new dress. I think I will miss my other heels which fitted my old dress so well. I started thinking so much. “Oh dear….Oh no….”.

Everything did not really settle in me, that I have now, 2 dresses and I know, you know…that I will be keeping the new one. Duh! My wardrobe is now too packed that I have to throw the old dress away. It still looks good! Really! Without it, I would not have received many praises and felt proud for looking pretty. It was all because of the first dress.

Oh wait, did I not tell you, I altered my new dress. So, it’s at the seamstress. I have an event scheduled soon though. I hope it’s ready in time for my many other upcoming events!