The historical city of Malaysia, Malacca

The historical city of Malaysia, Malacca

After Korea, it was already Chinese New Year (CNY). I celebrated the first day of CNY at my maternal grandparents’ home which is situated in Kuala Lumpur.

It is usually the chinese culture to visit the dad’s side first but since my paternal grandparents are no longer around, we usually spend CNY in KL. Since I was back for a holiday, I made it a must to travel to Malacca and visit my relatives there. Some of my uncles, aunts and cousins live in Malacca. My dad was born and brought up there too.

My memories of Malacca is only of my childhood during CNY. It was hot (weather), fun and noisy. Typical atmosphere of CNY. My dad comes from a huge family and it was always so much fun to gather with my relatives.

Since I don’t return to Malacca often, I decided to make a trip there and show you my “hometown”. Malacca is always a good place for a weekend trip or even an excursion if you are in KL. Accessible by bus or taxi, it is pretty easy to reach Malacca from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I instead took the train to Tampin which is close to Malacca town and one of my uncles picked us up.

We started hopping from one house to another, enjoying food and eating nonstop. :)) Great memories..ahhh!!

Since it was another 24 hour trip with the objective to meet family members, I wasn’t taking much photos. But fret not, a video is a must!

If you are only there for a short while (just like me), these are the places I would recommend you to go. These places are also featured in the video.

Stadthuys at the Red Square

These red buildings were built by the dutch during the 1650s. Placed like a typical city square in an european town, the area was equipped with a city hall and church. It was also the official residence of the Dutch governor. Now, it is where the History Museum and Ethnography Museum situated. If you are a museum person, do not forget to visit the museum to see relics of Malacca.

Also, get on to a nicely decorated trishaw to enjoy a ride. I took a ride from the Stadthuys to A’Famosa after bargaining the price to RM15 ($4.60).

A’Famosa, Portuguese fortress

The Portuguese colonisation first started in 1511. It was then, they built the fortress at the hill which is also near the sea. Now, you can only see a small part of the fortress which is still standing.

St. Paul’s Church on St. Paul’s hill

The church was built in 1521 and is also another historical monument to visit. From the St. Paul’s hill, you can get a view of the town. It is also where you can see the  statue of Father Francis Xavier who was a Roman Catholic Missionary.

Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat)

For food and more buzz in the town, Jonker Street is the place to go. My tip, try the dessert at the shop No.88 on Jonker Street and try the famous Chicken Rice Balls. Go early because there is always a queue, a very long queue. And oh, the durian puffs. Durian is the king of fruits and has a very (maybe extreme) pungent smell. I love durians and of course, durian puffs are delicioussss. Those durian puffs in Jonker Street, were…..mind blowing!

Cheng Hoong Teng Temple

Besides having a great history, this temple was also the temple I use to visit when I was young. When I was baby, I cried a lot. It was believed that a baby who cried a lot would be very naughty. That was why, there was a little ceremony to make Goddess of Mercy my godmother at this temple. It is believed that, I will be “taken care” of the Goddess of Mercy and therefore, be a more obedient child. Complicated stuff, heh.

If you are staying a little longer and have the time, remember to visit the Baba and Nyonya Heritage musuem. This is the place to learn more of the Straits Chinese. Also try the famous Mille Crepe, which is located at Plaza Mahkota. For a good seafood meal, visit the portuguese settlement.

Do share with me your own tips of Malacca if you do have any. And for those who are visiting Kuala Lumpur, drop by Malacca to experience the historical part of Malaysia!