The yellow tube top

So this is not a potato sack. Boys, this is what we call a tube top, a blouse without sleeves or straps.

I was clearing my wardrobe yesterday and I found this top which I bought years ago. Absolutely love the colour and since its a spring fashion colour, I thought it can be finally in use!! I dont need to wear a cardigan over it and no one is gonna give me odd stares. :)

That was until I saw the words on the top. It says – Mary Quint.

Hm. Ok.

Then the next line was “Hato Group”. Hm…who is Hato Group? Or what is Hato Group?

Nevermind. The last line states, “Beauty Bus”.

Dafuq is “Beauty Bus”??!!

This top would be a good donation piece. Decided! And what was I thinking??!!

To my defense, I bought this online. Must have overlooked the prints.