There is an end to everything good

There is an end to everything good

And there goes my holiday. Three weeks, passed by…just like that. *cries*

The next holiday will be during Christmas and I am soooo waiting for it. During the first week of my holiday I was in denial, thinking if all is fine at work. The second week, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I checked my email in Croatia. Sick or what?

Everything feels very surreal now. I am mentally telling myself, it’s time to get back to work. Honestly speaking, I am scared. Am I the only crazy freak out that who thinks and feels that way after a holiday? Or do you feel the same way too?

Let’s just put it this way, it’s 2.5 months away to Christmas. Hip hip hooray!!

……CROATIA, I MISS YOUUUUUU!!! *bawlssss*