Top moments in 2013

Top moments in 2013


It’s gonna be in a few hours and I will be stepping into year 2014! Many of my friends in Malaysia have already ushered New Year and that made me a little “confused” because it’s still not midnight over here in Germany. My phone has been flooded with New Year wishes etc.

2013 has been quite an interesting year for me. It went by so quickly! Maybe my year was not comparable to many others but it is definitely a significant year for me. I’d like to share with you my top three moments in 2013:

Nr. 3: Fantastic travels

I’ve traveled quite a bit this year. All the way back home to Asia where I visited Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. After leaving home for 2 years, it was just nice to finally hang out with family and friends! Back to Europe and I stepped foot in other European countries like Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Spain and Belgium! I’m not complaining ^^

Nr. 2: YouTube 

YouTube became a big part of my life. I am sincerely happy when I read comments and such from other viewers. To know that work done is appreciated, gives me a sense of happiness. For that, thank you to each and everyone of you for your support in Grace Moments or Nyonya Cooking.

Nr. 1: The biggest moment of my life

I know you guys have been wondering, who is this person behind the camera in GraceMoments and NyonyaCooking videos? He’s nonetheless, JP. Besides being my personal photographer/camera man/creative director/producer/web designer/food taster, JP also gave me the biggest moment of my life, to date. Oh yes, JP proposed in Italy. :) I hope to share this happy news with everyone and we are really looking forward to create more amazing moments in our lives.

IMG_69252014 will be filled with bridezilla moments, I guess. So bear with me. :O

I wish everyone great health, lots of laughter and peace for the year of 2014! For a better year, cheers!!