Traveling to Kuala Lumpur: Tips from a KL girl

Traveling to Kuala Lumpur: Tips from a KL girl

When I was in KL, I viewed the city as my home. Nothing more. I did not know how to appreciate the city until I left for Germany. KL is a big and vibrant city. There is always so much going on in the city! And it is always a pity because as a local, I did not see much of my own city. Since I was back in KL, I took time to go to tour the city and return to places I know well, extremely well.

The city centre was my playground. I am a true KL girl. Because it is so convenient to just take the train to KLCC shopping mall, it was THE place I would hang out. I still know the shops and its exact location in the mall. The Golden Triangle area is the place for shopping, movie, karaoke and food. Oh, if you haven’t realized, we spent a lot of our time in shopping malls.

Chinatown is also an area I know well because my college was located nearby. It is the place where I have really good memories with a great group of friends. For food, this is a good place to go to. The famous wan tan noodles and fish porridge is also located in Chinatown. A fun place to explore because food and clothes can be rather cheap, and also you will be surprised with what you can find here. Art supplies, wholesale shops selling souvenirs, accessories and bags.

I have always enjoyed my time in Central Market as well. Central Market is a stone’s throw away from Chinatown. Lots of interesting traditional stuff you can find here. My favourite Straits Chinese restaurant, Old China Cafe is also here. If you want to walk a little further, there is another branch of Old China Cafe closer to Chinatown. Of course, I cannot miss the chance of not eating there. To know more about the restaurant, check it out here:

Besides going to the places that I know best, I also went to places which I have never been before and enjoyed KL like a tourist. For example, the Sri Mahamariamman temple. I’ve never walked into an Indian temple, and boy, it was amazing. Or places like Royal Selangor Visitor Centre and the Craft Complex are also places which I would have never thought of visiting. It was really interesting to view KL as a tourist as it allowed me to understand KL a little more.

I would love to show more of KL but my visit was limited and the whole idea of returning home was to visit my family and friends. However, I hope I did represent my city well enough. I miss KL so much and as I type, it made me feel like returning home even more.

There is more to see in Malaysia. For instance, besides the three main races in Malaysia, we do have other races as well. For example, Iban, Kadazan, and Dayak which are usually found in Sabah and Sarawak, East Malaysia. If I had the time, I would also show more about Malaysian food, which is known to be one of the best cuisine in the world due to the influence of the difference cultures in Malaysia.

Other places which I would highly recommend are listed below. If you have the chance, add these places into your travel itinerary of KL. Oh btw, the photos below are taken quite sometime back, some maybe as old as 3 years.

1. Putrajaya

Putrajaya is where the government offices are located. It is located 1 hour away from KL and is accessible by train which departs from KL Sentral (main train station). I was there once and visited the well known Putrajaya mosque. That was also the first time I’ve ever entered a mosque. A kind lady, who was also the guide explained about the structure and architecture of the mosque. It was an experience!

The pink robe is provided and just to show your respect, we will need to wear it upon entering the mosque.

2. Putrajaya Lake

After the visit to the mosque, you can either opt to go for the cruise or enjoy a ride on a paddle boat at the Putrajaya lake, which is a man-made lake. I went for the paddle boat and it was my first time then. Was a fun 20 minutes ride :)

3. Batu Caves

The limestone hill is located close to my home but I’ve only first visited Batu Caves 2 years ago. I thought that it would be really tough to climb up the 272 steps but I made it! In the cave, you will find an Indian temple. The whole atmosphere was rather calm, peaceful and soothing. Do not forget to enjoy an Indian meal at the foot of the cave at the nearby restaurant. You will be in for a good meal after the climb and exploration in the cave.

4. Skybridge: KLCC Tower Bridge

Located at the 41st and 42nd floor, visiting the bridge of the famous bridge is definitely worthwhile! Visitors are only allowed to visit the 41st floor while tenants of the building used the 42nd floor. My personal tip to you if you plan to visit the Skybridge is to be there early! The last time, I was there at 7.30 a.m. and the queue was already long. Tickets go off very quickly, so be early or be sorry! I’ve already been there for about 3 or 4 times. I would recommend others to visit the Skybridge, whenever there is a chance.

As promised, this is the video of my city, Kuala Lumpur. My greatest “regret” of this video would be the fact that Malaysian food was not introduced in detail. Perhaps next time. Please drop me a comment to tell me your thoughts of this video. Remember to like and share the video too if you enjoyed watching it. That would be a great motivation!