I was down with fever on Monday and this is the first time I felt the need to see a doctor (after leaving Malaysia). It started off with sore throat and then fever the next day.

On Monday morning, I made my way to work, despite feeling not too good. I thought it maybe the laziness which is trying to get me out of work but I began to feel worse as the hours pass by. At 10am I decided to see a doctor since my whole body is aching and it was fever, not a simple cold.

So, where is the doctor? Search online!

No joke!

You know how it’s like in Malaysia, where we walk into any Clinic Lee/Mano & Ahmad/Mediviron ‘whatever’ to seek for a General Practitioner? It’s not the case here. Since I was in town, I asked my colleagues if they know a doctor nearby and I was told to search online. So, I googled and googled and googled for the next 15-20 minutes, trying to look for a doctor with ‘good’ reviews.

Finally, I found one who seems trustable. When I called, the receptionist told me the doctor is on leave and said the clinic is closed. After hanging up, I thought….so, why is she still working? OH WHATEVER!

A colleague then told me to just rest at home and its rare for them to visit doctors. They usually go for alternative medication like some herbs or tea. T_T

Then a colleague found a clinic (online) which is 5 minutes away but when I looked at the opening hours, it says:-

Walk in – 8am till 10am

10am till 12pm/ 1pm till 4pm – Only with appointment

WTF?! It was already 10.30am at that time. I gave up and returned home to rely on my little medical box, which Momma prepared for me. Took 2 Panadols and slept! Felt alright after that.

What FML experience.