Villa Talente - Your Home in the Tuscan Valleys

Villa Talente – Your Home in the Tuscan Valleys

When you decide to make a trip to Florance, you can never, EVER miss a visit to the Tuscan valleys. It is by far one of the best sceneries I’ve seen during my travels. Filled with romance, calmness and charm, the Tuscan valleys will definitely leave a place in your heart.

But of course, a fantastic place to stay makes all the difference, don’t you think? I found Villa Talente from and it was a great deal! The BIGGER deal was the place itself. I’ve been in hotels, motels, hostels, serviced apartments but a villa like this, it’s my first and it has already captured my heart. Else, I wouldn’t recommend it to you guys!

As I reached the villa, the first thing I said was “okayyy” because it was just one of an olden looking villas. The moment I stepped it, I couldn’t stop myself from saying “wow” “wow” and more “WOW”s!! The whole interior of the villa was like a castle. Furnitures and decorations used are so classic and if I may say, hauntingly beautiful. Besides that, the who villa is HUGE! I think I wow-ed from the entrance to all the halls and then continued to the garden!


The garden! How can I forget?! GORGEOUS roses, juicy yellow lemons…..and the view from the garden was the magnificent Tuscan valleys. Boy oh boy….and as I walk further I saw the beautiful heated swimming pool.




Ahhh……beautiful beautiful. And then, I checked out the eating rooms (they have two!). Of course, I was not disappointed.




The room itself was also very beautiful. For the price I paid, it was a great deal!

Villa Talente is managed by two friendly Italians who once worked in Tokyo, Japan. That, was very interesting! Andrea and Simone runs the villa differently. They wanted to make sure that the villa is not a hotel but more like your home. Yes, your home. Besides the rooms of other guests, I was free to go everywhere I want to. Both of them gave a very warm welcome and have a very deep interest and passion for Japan and its culture. The concept of a “ryokan” which is a japanese inn that gives one the feeling of being at home. One is free to walk around and go to the owners to speak to them. This experience itself, was fantastic.

Villa Talente is a place which I would love to return to one day. If my blog post was not enough to convince you, here’s a video! You know you want to see it!!