Wedding in Malaysia

Wedding in Malaysia

The wedding celebration in Malaysia took place on the 15th of November and we arrived KL at night on the 13th! That’s like almost 30 hours before the wedding! How crazy….but we made it!

The day started at about 7am when I woke up to start putting on make up. Yes, I did my own makeup and it turned out fine. :P I know how others shriek learning that I will slap the colours on my face, myself. That’s something to talk about in another blog post though.


While waiting for the groom, we took some photos. Most importantly, my parents placed the red viel on me, as per the Chinese custom. I was at first reluctant to wear the traditional Chinese wedding dress but I am glad I did it. The red viel and details on the traditional dress, everything fell into place beautifully.

GnM0320Just like most Chinese weddings, the groom is not allowed to pick the bride until he goes through some “obstacles”. These are the games that are planned by the bridesmaids. However, in the recent years, the games got worse. So bad that I feel, the groom and his men are not given much respect! They eat bananas tied on each others’ waists or wear fake boobs while dancing to a popular song. Definitely not something that we did as we didn’t want JP and his groomsmen to go through such embarrassment. GnM0418

GnM0485Here’s JP and his men guessing my age on the photos. JP surely had his “tough” time. His last “obstacle” was for him to find one side of my shoe, which my friend hid during the last minutes.

GnM0779This was how I had my Cinderella moment! Right after that, we had to pay our respect to the ancestors before the tea ceremony. Besides praying with joss sticks, we poured liquor as a form of respect. GnM0843We then moved on to the tea ceremony by starting the rounds with my grandparents, parents, godmom, etc. My mother prepared red dates tea for the tea ceremony as red dates are sweet and everything about weddings are supposed to be sweet!GnM0908Here is a very happy photo of the groomsmen and bridesmaids with us! Since our next stop was Batu Caves, we had to rush with all the photo taking!GnM1113Batu Caves is a famous tourist spot in Malaysia. In fact, it is also where the holy Hindu shrine is located! Famous for the 272 steps leading up to a cave, many climb the stairs to visit the temple in the cave.GnM1196It was actually not our idea to go there as the sun was blazing hot, but it was suggested by the video team which we hired, Neptune View Studio (btw, they did an awesome awesome job and I will share the video in the next posts).GnM1292


GnM1299While waiting for the video team to set up the camera, we had a few funny shots! Though the heat was hell, we only remembered the happy moments there and are glad that we did it. After sweating buckets, we proceeded to the hotel for the second part of the celebration – wedding dinner. Stay tuned for the next post!