Christmas Markets are all over Germany. I am quite sure that this German tradition can be found in other parts of the world as well. The Christmas Market is not where one can get your fish and chicken but the stalls here sell yummy food and Christmas decorations. It is really really pretty. No words can describe the beauty of it but when ever I am at one, I can’t stop repeating “Oh, so beautiful” and “Entschuldigung” which mean, Excuse me. Why? Because it is just so crowded!

People will gather at the Christmas market for a beer, sausage, Glühwein, crêpe and many other food. Glühwein is basically warm wine (red or white). In Germany, it is usually possible to only get the red Glühwein while crêpe is a  flat pancake with fillings of your choice. Mine would be nutella and banana! Yums!

Anyway, the point of this post is to show you the beauty of the Christmas Market. The photos here are of the Christmas Market in Römer, Frankfurt. (Warning: Loadsss of photos for your pleasure)

Glühwein cooking in the pot!

Pretty ornaments

Schaumkuss – Chocolate coated eggwhite foam. Yummy!

Train rides…for kids

Variety of sausages

Ornaments made of wood

Typical stall with lots of decorations

Honey candles

All sorts of marshmallows and gummi candies

Chocolate coated pretzels

Chocolate coated apples. There are many others too…with chili, pineapple, banana, etc..

Piggy shaped ‘marzipan’ (made of almond)

Praline aka Belgian chocolates

Selling popcorn (coated with caramel or chocolate) and Lebkuchenherzen (Ginger bread in heart shapes)

More Lebkuchenherzen

And more…


More with me…

The huge Christmas tree in Römer.

The stage in Römer

And a video for you, to get a better picture. It is really a beautiful atmosphere :)

To end this post, here are up-close photos of my Lebkuchenherz.