It took me quite a while to think of the title of this post. Hence, the ‘?’. I’m still using the backspace many times as I type this and it’s all because I still can’t decide if I should say “Welcome (once again) to my blog” or …….

So, this is my ??th blog. Let’s hope that this will be a successful one (sounds familiar?).

I would like to have some of THE moments in my life to be recorded here, my blog, Grace’s blog. And so, I named this blog – Grace Moments. To share Grace’s moments and of course, some graceful moments (or ungraceful moments) to all readers out there.

With much hope that I will stay long in the blogosphere, I hope you all enjoy reading and stalking at the same time. [winks]

Willkommen! Ich freue mich auf Ihren Besuch!