You, Married Men Out There!

Hey disgusting married men,

Especially those who are old enough to be a grandfather. Have you not looked at yourself and wondered, why on earth am I degrading myself when I try to woo a girl who is young enough to be my grand daughter/ daughter? I find it utterly disgusting!

You see, I’m stucked in corporate slavery and I meet many of you disgusting married men. Without any shame, you try to get young girls out for lunch/ dinner with you. Worse still, you ask for my msn to chat! Dude, I don’t want to be crude but please look at the mirror. No iron can smoothen you wrinkles. Seriously, what can you get out of this? Fun? Pride?

What is more disgusting is that your wedding photo is on the table. Or your computer’s wallpaper/ screensaver is of your ‘loving’ family/daughters/sons. Loving or not, I don’t care. But if you can do such a thing, how loving can you be? Just think of it, if your kids were to see you like this, what kind of thoughts would they have of you?

Let me tell you from a perception of a daughter. I will lose my respect towards you because you are no better compared to those uneducated rascals who try to woo girls along the road. It’s the same!

It makes me think, all those guys out there who are very much in love with their girlfriend/ wife at this moment, would you also turn out to be one of those uneducated disgusting old men? Are all men meant to be like that? Maybe just 10% of the men out there would be the opposite. But seriously, I see those uneducated disgusting old men at least 1 every two weeks!

Whose fault? Your wife? Yourself? Our education system? Our culture? Now think again, what if you have a daughter who gets woo-ed by men your age. How would you feel? You are a man yourself, what do you think? And you know what is that disgusting man thinking about your daughter right?

Don’t do things to hurt others if you don’t want others to hurt you. Karma. You don’t believe in karma? Fine. Then let me tell you, a real man is someone who stands by his family to protect them and keep the harmony at home. Not to stir shit and let your kids disrespect you. To those old hags who are still horny in many ways, quit trying to get the young girls. You may die of stroke because you can never handle them.

No, this is not a threat or something for you to prove me wrong. Men who who are married and tries to spoil his family happiness should be castrated. ‘Nuff said!

Yours sincerely,
A young office lady

P/S: Calling her multiple times in a week will not help. Please, it’s gross. Your skin is hanging, neither do you look like Chuck Bass. Ugh!