First Bridezilla Moment - Location

First Bridezilla Moment – Location

Thank you so much for all the congratulatory wishes from all of you out there across all social media platforms.

Technically, I am “engaged” for about six months. Crazy aight! And I’ve always thought, I’ve still got LOADS of time. The idea was to have a dinner reception in Kuala Lumpur because all my relatives and friends are there. My parents actually told me to make it simple and hold a small reception in Germany but I refused. As usual, I just wanted what I wanted. Full stop!

So months passed until I announced the proposal on my blog. The next right thing to do is to set a date and book a venue. Oh dear….it wasn’t easy. There are just too many things to tell, even as I type now. *inhales* *exhales* Let me just talk about the location.

I wanted a small reception at a beautiful restaurant. Now small means, about 100 guests. Just to clear this up, normally wedding receptions have a minimum of 200 guests and can go up to 800 guests or more. And beautiful restaurant simply means a non-typical wedding reception restaurant. This translates to…no chinese banquet (eg: and no hotels. I just wanted it to be different, casual and…the keyword, simple. I wanted to have lunch instead of the usual dinner which allowed guests to mingle and talk to each other.

For those whom are interested, I had these restaurants in mind.

Ciao Ristorante


Pretty aight??? Of course! BUT…they serve Italian food. That’s a problem because I will have lots of guests who are much older and are not accustomed to western food. So, I had to look for something more, well, asian.

Neo Tamarind

So, something Asian right? I found Neo Tamarind. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! BUT comes with a hefty price tag. When I looked at the menu, I knew it was enough to just tickle to tummy because Neo Tamarind is a high end place which serves Thai & Indonesian food at the portion of a western cuisine. Malaysians eat A LOT. Because there will be lots of elders, they wouldn’t be happy with the food.




I really thought, why can’t I just do what I want to do and not care about what people think of the food? I’m sure there will be others who will know how to enjoy the ambiance?

During the midst of searching, of course I saw Passion Road which was a popular wedding venue. Gorgeous place, but because it was so popular and I wanted to be oh-so-different right, I skipped it.

Tujo which is a Bar-sserie and Cafe was also in my list but the place was small and did not cater the number of guests that I’d be having.

Delicious@Dua Residency had always been in my mind but I had to keep it off my list after slow email replies and very uninterested sounding staff.

Delicious@Dua residency


Throughout the process, I talked to a few friends who recently attended wedding dinners. The first comment they told me was about the food and that the food sucked!! …….and that was how I had to admit defeat. Food IS important.

Anyway, time was running out. It IS already 2014. And wedding bookings for receptions are usually done 1 year in advance. I got even more nervous when I heard from a friend that most restaurants are booked in November (the month we wanted to hold my reception).

After countless sleepless nights, lots of googling and lots of skype credits spent, we’ve decided for something rather normal. BUT my contact person for the event is a very nice person (so far) and she has been very corporative. As for now, we secured the location and that’s it.

Let the planning begin!